Interview by Randy Robison of Life Today at the International Christian Retail Book Show

With Elisabeth (standing) at her wedding celebration

Niki’s mom, Donna (second from right) and other friends at book event in Fairfax County

Negleatha and I signing books at an event in Prince William County, VA

Gen. McNair (second from left) and Negleatha Johnson (fourth from left) with Reuben, friends and marketing team at Ft. Belvoir VA

Many converse with Sherman at King Street Blues, hosted event in Alexandria VA

Selling and signing books (with help from Kirsten Sonstegard), at Jack & Magee’s 2013 Winter Team Meeting at Ocean City MD

At Rainbow Parable bookstore in Colonial Heights VA for book event. Store owner says they often ship books to Blair’s mother

Book signing at the 2013 International Book Retail Show in St. Louis MO