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About Shepherd's Voice Ministries



The People
The Three Behind Shepherd's Voice Ministries


First there is God...
... then Reuben and Deborah.

A cord of three strands is not easily broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:12)


Reuben & Deborah
Very different, yet similar in their manner--Reuben is the unapologetically quiet extrovert, not often a man of many words, but who loves to be out in the public, even more so with family, friends and fellow worshippers.


Deborah is the introvert, trained to be outgoing in public, but who quickly retreats to home and solitude to regain her energy.

In her best moments she is still, listening to God, writing the words He gives to her.


The Work
...seeking to be obedient, Deborah writes and speaks what God lays on her heart.


Reuben uses his technologic and electronic talents to create the digital images needed to bring clarity to messages and produces beautiful and clever outreach materials, icons and artwork for books, poetry and prose.


Mission Statements


  • In innovative ways, use the spoken and written word to spread the good news of salvation and possibility of a wonderful life if we but, say, "Yes" to God.


  • Let the world know that if we would just stop and listen, we can hear God speaking to us and if we obey, we can have a life of no regrets and no second guessing.


  • Spread the Word to the world that life is better in relationship with God, and absolutely amazing once we say yes to Christ and the Holy Spirit.


  • Write faith-based articles in secular press, books that reach those who know God and those who might not.  Reinforce messages with speaking engagements.

Ministry Testimonials

Sister Deborah,


On behalf of all the Sisters, thank you so very much for blessing us with your powerful and heartfelt words at our Christmas fellowship.


We were blessed and grateful to God for your availability...thank you and God bless you!


Yours In Christ,

Sister Rochella and the Women's Ministry Team

Antioch - Fairfax, Station, VA


When I got home from class yesterday, I was raving to my wife about you. You are such a Godly woman of strength, poise and grace. I loved giving our students an opportunity to learn from you and I so enjoyed learning from you as well. You are exactly the kind of person after which I would want my students to model themselves.

I get the sense that the joy of the Lord truly is your strength.


James Madison University 

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