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Celebrating and Remembering Mothers

I am writing this on Mother’s Day. I miss and think of my mom so often, especially on Mother’s Day. She died so young at 39. I was a sophomore in high school, 15 years old. Though I was a teen when my mom passed, she taught me so much.

I am thankful that a compliment I get from time to time is that I am gracious. If I have acted graciously, I believe that I got it from my mother. That was her way. Also, she always instilled in me to work hard. I have and I do.

I credit my mom for many good things in my life, including my chance at a broadcasting career. For one, simple as it may seem, my mom and dad agreed I needed and could get braces.

After college, I had a radio and television career. I would not have been able to have a television career had my teeth not gotten fixed!

Also, though my mother only had a high school education, she seemed to know all the rules of grammar and instilled that in my brothers and me, including that familiar correction of knowing the difference between what you may do (permission) and what you can do (ability).

And what a beautiful woman she was. I often wished I looked more like Ruth Elizabeth Cary Tompkins.

I miss her and I miss the experience of growing up with a mom. I can only imagine. To all loving women, I wish you a lovely Mother’s Day and all days with joy.

And kudos to Dads, like mine, who stepped in to fulfill the dual role after my mom died. At some point in my adulthood, I began sending or giving my dad Mother’s Day cards on this special day. I think he liked those more than he did the Father’s Day cards. But still, life is good and wonderful. I thank God for each blessing, for walking with me through the challenges and often carrying me.

_______ written Mother’s Day 2023

© Deborah Tompkins Johnson


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