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Treading Water

Though I learned to swim as a pre-teen, I have still considered myself at the beginner level. So, a few weeks ago, to fulfill a longtime quest to become a strong swimmer, I began taking private lessons.

My coach has me focusing now on treading water, a skill I have yet to master.

In my quiet moments recently, benefits of treading in place came to mind, whether we are in a pool, in natural waters or pertaining to our everyday lives. Learning to tread water is important because in the case of an emergency, we need to know how to stay afloat, stay in place until we can be rescued.

Being still can require courage all its own. I am speaking not only of literally treading water, but also, of remaining still when we feel urgent matters weighing on us.

Getting still and remaining still, takes effort, fortitude, and strength. In stillness we can receive assistance in getting to a good decision or achieving a feeling of calm or peace.

There are times we must tread the waters of our lives and wait for a rescuer, a hero we might say. The most reliable rescuer is God our Father. He can pull us from any murky or unsafe waters. If we swim on, or prematurely move on emotionally, we may flail, tire or falter.

However, if we can learn to tread, if we can learn when we need to be still and then do so, God will rescue us. He will help us to the place He knows we need to be.

© Deborah Tompkins Johnson, July 2022


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