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How Did They Do That?

When you hear about super successful people, do you ask yourself, “How did they do that?” I do. So, I interviewed some of these people to learn what and perhaps who led them to their success.


 ISBN-13: 978-0988304352

How Did They Do That—Career Highlights, Triumphs and Challenges shares compelling and entertaining stories from actor Blair Underwood, Governor Doug Wilder, Iran hostage survivor Kate Koob, General Carl McNair and others.   In their own words you will "hear" anecdotes from their careers, challenges they faced and circumstances they encountered.


Meet the people inside the book.

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How Did They Do That? is an excellent read and a great motivator! I was captivated by the profiles of these twelve highly successful people and the personal challenges they encountered while striving to successfully achieve their goals. Their individual experiences define the meaning of true grit and determination and the "words of wisdom" following each chapter are powerful and thought provoking. Deborah T.Johnson did an amazing job in her written portrayal of each person's inspiring and heartfelt journey. I loved it!


- Rita, Fairfax, VA

For Any Age Group


A well researched compilation of successful individuals. This book inspires, motivates and encourages all, I mean every age group,culture, race, background color, and social standing. The "WOW" insert is a plus to us the readers encouraging us to abort fear and do what is needed to reach our life goals, recognizing that we are not the first and will never be the last in difficult pursuits. It's the endurance that counts and it is well captured here. Thanks to for giving me the chance to honestly review this book without bias.


- From

A Treasure and a Resource


Deborah Tompkins Johnson’s How Did They Do That? is a jewel. From the first person accounts of success, to the WOWs (words of wisdom), to the thought provoking questions that call for self-examination, to the note spaces at the end of each story that dare the reader to act, Johnson delivers a gem that is not only a treasure to read, but also a resource to explore and navigate one’s own journey to success. How Did They Do That? is a tool for all ages.


- cdtoliver,

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